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Anonymous asked: "Who is your fav member from the wanted"

Max or Jay, I can’t pick between them.

It makes me extremely happy that we’re still gaining followers and people continue to follow us even though the prefs have been put on a hold.
I’ve been really busy doing a home schooled math course so I haven’t had time to write. My course due date is May 10th so hopefully after that I’ll update more frequently.
That’s all for now lovelies!
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Anonymous asked: "Bonjour! I have a request your in a rodetrip and you have to go to the bathroom what does he do (please don't think I'm weird!) thanks love!"

Okay love I’ll add it to the list!

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Anonymous asked: "Hi! I'm a fan! (BTW! I'm new to this.) and I have a request! You have your period and it gets on the sheets! Thank you so much magical bunny🐰🐇"

That’s a little awkward to write but if you want it, I’ll write it haha.

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Sorry for the major lack of preferences lately. I’m hoping to get the rest of the list done this week, so could you please send in more ideas! Thanks.

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Hey lovelies! I posted Chapter 2 of More Than Friends, my Jaythan fanfic for those of you who have read chapter 1. Check it out HERE

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Anonymous asked: "love this blog xox :)"

Thanks love.

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Anonymous asked: "Oh my god I love this blog, so much!! I was wondering if you could do a preferences, where to go horseback riding, and they fall off the horse(is that a stupid idea??) but please keep up the good work. :-) I love you every time I read something you from you guys.. Xx Pernille"

Thank you love! And it’s not dumb, I will add it to the list. Thanks for reading! 

-Micah xo 

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#41: He Catches You Singing Another Band’s Song

Nathan:  Nathan texted you saying he was done in the studio and on his way over and you thought you’d be nice and make him a cuppa. So you left your music on in your room and went to the kitchen. Just then Ego by the Saturday’s started to play so you began to belt out the lyrics. During the second chorus you felt like someone was watching you so you turned around and there was Nathan, leaned up against the wall grinning. “Have I ever told you how adorable you are?” He smirked and walked over to you placing a kiss upon your lips.

Tom: Tom was out for the day doing some business and you were at home. When you became really bored you randomly chose a song to dance around the house to, the song happened to be Paranoid by the Jonas Brothers. You slid across the hard wood floors screaming the chorus putting on a full blown show for the air. When the song finished you heard someone clapping. You turned in the general direction where the sound was coming from and you saw Tom laughing his head off. “Oh god babe, that was something else!” He said through his laughter. “You’re mean!” You pouted and he walked over to kiss you hello.

Jay:  You were in the shower getting ready for your date with Jay. You had Kiss You blasting by One Direction and were singing your little heart out. Once you were done rinsing your hair you stepped out and screamed at the person sitting on the toilet. “Jay! What are you doing you little shit! You scared me half to death!” You grabbed your towel and wrapped it around yourself. “I was listening to my girlfriend sing a One Direction song.. Really Y/N really, please don’t tell me you’re a directioner now. Please don’t tell me you prefer Harry’s curly locks over mine.” Jay laughed and walked over kissing your cheek. “No Jay, you’re the only curly haired bastard I have eyes for. Yes I just called you a bastard.” He chuckled and pulled you in for a hug. “Good, cause I’d kick his ass.”

Siva: You and Siva had to do some grocery shopping, but after Siva had to stop in to the studio to pick something up. While he was inside you turned on the radio and Little Mix’s song Wings was playing. You loved the song and decided to sing along. Half way through the song Siva opened the car door laughing. “Love, I could hear you singing as soon as I walked outside.” He got in and looked at you then began to sing the chorus doing some weird dance in his seat. You burst out laughing and joined in on the singing.

Max: You had exams in university so the past few days of your life involved sitting on your bed listening to music and having your nose in a book. You had head phones in and you were quietly singing along to Taking Over Me by Lawson. You adored them and they were your go to band when it came to study music. You looked up and noticed Max standing there holding his phone out with a big grin across his face.  “Max… What are you doing?” You asked. “I heard you singing down stairs so I called Andy to listen to you sing his music.” Max turned his phone to speaker phone and you heard Andy chuckling. “You’re adorable babe.” Andy called through the phone. “Max you ass hole! Why would you do that! Oh god I’m so embarrassed.” You blushed and hid your face in your hands. “Calm down Y/N, you were good and he found it cute.”

#40: You Surprise Him at a Concert

Nathan: Nathan’s been touring for the past month and you didn’t get to see him much. He was playing a concert so close to where you lived but you told him there’s no way you could afford to go. He said he’d pay but you felt bad letting him buy you things all the time.  Little did he know you already had a flight booked and your ticket for the concert in hand. During Lightening Nathan came to the side of the stage that you were located and when his eyes met with yours a smile spread across his face from ear to ear. He pointed to you then to himself and proceeded to pretend to make out with himself on stage. He was obviously implied what was going to happen after the concert.

Tom: The lads were back in the UK to start a new leg of their tour, Tom was really excited to come and play in London but that wasn’t for another week yet. You and your friends decided to take a little drive to where Tom was playing to see him. You loved to see Tom up on stage doing his thing and seeing him so happy made you happy, you couldn’t have asked for a better night. Well so you thought until Tom stops his solo during Glad You Came and yelled, “Hi babe!”, and waved like crazy at you.

Jay: You were supposed to go see Jay perform but you came down with a nasty stomach flu. Jay was upset but he told you not to worry that there’s always another concert. By late afternoon you felt much better so instead of telling Jay you were going you decided to surprise him. You were a few rows back and danced while the lads were on stage singing Say it on the Radio. When the chorus starts for the first time, Jay bends down next to a security guard and whispers something to him. Before you knew it security surrounded you and pulled you to the front pushing you up on stage. Jay runs over and picks you up into his arms. “Love, you made it!” He laughed and twirled around with you in his arms. You were horrified to be on stage in front of thousands of people so you pulled away from him and ran off stage.

Siva: You couldn’t join Siva on tour due to the fact you had to work, but when you found out they were performing one of the biggest concerts of the band’s career you knew you couldn’t miss it. You contacted management and got some back stage passes and landed in LA a few hours before the concert, but by the time you got to the venue the concert was going to start shortly. You made your way backstage trying to avoid Siva and the other guys. Once the concert started you stood just off stage and watched them sing Lose My Mind. Siva turned and spotted you, you gave him a little wave when a grin crossed his face. He stopped singing and ran backstage, embraced you in his arms and kissed you not wanting to let go of you.

Max: You and Max have been dating for a few months and he had yet to invite you to a concert because he was nervous and didn’t want to let you down. But when a concert was happening driving distance from where you lived you figured enough was enough. You showed up at venue and somehow managed to get two floor tickets, one for you and one for your best friend. You guys were having a blast and it was honestly one of the best concerts you have ever been to. During heart vacancy it took everything in you not to cry. Max was scanning the crowd when his eyes locked on yours. In one swift jump he was off the stage. He pushed his was through a few rows of screaming girls to get to you, giving security a heart attack in the process. Through all of that he didn’t miss a note and continued to sing as he wrapped his arm around you. When the song finished he looked down at you and smiled. “Fanmily meet my girlfriend Y/N.” He said and pecked your lips.