The Wanted Preferences

Master List

This is the master list; * = requested. Don’t be afraid to send in suggestions!

  1. First Public Spotting
  2. You Accidentally Meet One of the Others
  3. He Finds You Sleeping
  4. Indirects on Twitter
  5. How He Displays Affection
  6. On Your Birthday…
  7. His Nicknames For You
  8. You Get Corresponding Tattoos
  9. He Bothers You While You’re Working
  10. Aquarium Date*
  11. NHL Game Date*
  12. Book Signing*
  13. X Factor Audition With Him as a Judge*
  14. How You Meet*
  15. Your First Date*
  16. Your First Kiss*
  17. You Tell Him You’re Pregnant*
  18. Your Baby Kicks for the First Time*
  19. Your Wedding*
  20. How He Proposes*
  21. Your Honeymoon*
  22. He Sees the Baby for the First Time*
  23. He Comforts You During a Thunderstorm*
  24. Cute Twitcam Moment*
  25. He Hears You Curse For The First Time*
  26. Where You Go On Vacation*
  27. He Catches You Singing*
  28. Child’s First Birthday*
  29. He Meets Your Parents*
  30. You Get Hate*
  31. Ice Skating Date*
  32. He Meets Your Friends*
  33. You Cook Together*
  34. He Surprises You At Work/School*
  35. You Go House Hunting*
  36. Carnival Date*
  37. How Fans React to You*
  38. You Catch Him Writing a Song*
  39. You See Him Cry*
  40. You Surprise Him at a Concert*
  41. He Catches You Singing Another Band’s Song*
  42. He’s Your Prom Date*
  43. They See Another Man Flirt with You*
  44. Your First Twitcam With Him*
  45. You Have Sex When He Comes Home From A Tour*
  46. He Gets Hurt While Horseback Riding